The IP Zone’s co-founder and CEO, Tracey Thomas, is the former Chief IP Strategist for American Express where he and his team helped build this leading-edge portfolio


DALLAS, TX & NEW YORK CITY, NY, MAY 29, 2018 – Dominion Harbor Enterprises (DHE) today announced its partnership with the IP Zone in representing the iconic American Express Financial Services portfolio recently acquired and now available for broad licensing.

“We are excited to have Tracey and the IP Zone team partner with our Liberty Peak Ventures entity to accelerate our ongoing licensing campaign,” said David Pridham, chairman and CEO of Dominion Harbor Enterprises. “Tracey’s knowledge of this portfolio and understanding of firms that can most benefit from it is unparalleled.”

Liberty Peak Ventures launched its global licensing campaign in March soon after it acquired more than 2,200 American Express patent assets. It has already licensed two of North America’s largest banks with portfolio-wide, perpetual licenses.

“The IP Zone team is pleased to work on a high value portfolio that we helped build and obviously know very well,” said Tracey Thomas, CEO of IP Zone Company.  “This sizeable portfolio of former American Express patents is the product of serious, early innovation by a world class financial services company.  Many of these innovations are now in wide use and companies can access them under Dominion Harbor’s unmatched licensing program which is well-thought out and fair. As an incentive to engage with us, early licensees can expect more favorable terms.”


About Dominion Harbor Enterprises, LLC:

Dominion Harbor Enterprises (DHE) is the world’s premier intellectual property transaction and advisory firm. It provides its clients with unmatched transactional expertise, a full spectrum of IP transaction and advisory services, and unrivaled access to highly targeted and credentialed licensees. DHE maintains its industry leadership with its proprietary IPedia patent intelligence solution, – The Patent Expert’s Resource and IP…Frequently – a humorous, yet serious podcast for today’s IP practitioner.

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