DALLAS, July 8, 2019 – Dominion Harbor Enterprises (DHE), a patent transaction and advisory company, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to provide Square, Inc. with IP assessment and evaluation services through the use of its powerful analytics tool, IPedia®, to include assisting Square in the performance of in-depth analysis of the IP landscape in the payment space. In addition, Dominion Harbor’s subsidiary, Liberty Peak Ventures (LPV), has entered into an agreement with Square to license LPV’s financial, security, and authentication patent portfolios. These portfolios include over 2,200 global American Express patent assets covering online banking, cyber security, payment systems and eCommerce technologies that apply to financial services providers.

            “We are delighted to complete this agreement and add to our expanding group of licensee clients,” said David Pridham, Chairman and CEO of Dominion Harbor Enterprises. “By leveraging our unique services, we bring IP to light through these deals, sharing a wealth of innovation in the marketplace while at the same time optimizing outcomes for the companies that developed the underlying technologies.”

About Dominion Harbor Enterprises, LLC:

Dominion Harbor Enterprises (DHE) is one of the world’s premiere intellectual property transaction and advisory firms. It provides its clients with unmatched transactional expertise, a full spectrum of IP transaction and advisory services, and unrivaled access to highly targeted and credentialed licensees. DHE maintains its industry leadership with its IPedia patent intelligence solution, IPWire.com – The Patent Expert’s Resource and its most recent online endeavor IP…Frequently – the leading IP industry podcast.

For more information, please contact:

Monica Gutierrez at 214-414-1164 or email info@dominionharbor.com