Leader in global consumer products and personal care will generate greater return on its R&D investment by leveraging its extensive intellectual property (IP) portfolios


DALLAS, TEXAS (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 07, 2016 The patent advisory and optimization firm Dominion Harbor Group (DHG) announced today that it has been tapped by the global consumer product and personal care leader Kimberly-Clark Corporation to help it generate greater return on its R&D investment by more fully leveraging its extensive intellectual property (IP) portfolio for financial and commercial advantage.

Kimberly-Clark is already an acknowledged market leader in commercializing its patented innovations, with one-quarter of the world’s population purchasing brands like Kleenex, Scott, Huggies, Depend, and Kotex every day. But the company recognizes that additional opportunities to monetize those innovations also exist in markets outside its core business, and is leveraging Dominion Harbor’s expertise to identify and tap those opportunities through patent licensing, sales and investments of IP in promising young startups, as well as other IP monetization strategies.

Unlike many companies who allow billions of dollars in patented innovations to lie underutilized in their IP portfolios — and some have been targeted by activist investors for such “IP complacency” — Kimberly-Clark intends to tap all the value of its intellectual property. In a world in which intellectual property represents up to of 80% of the market value of all public companies today, this is likely to result in the creation of significant new shareholder value.

“We are thrilled that a globally recognized innovator such as Kimberly-Clark has chosen Dominion Harbor to assist it in identifying and fully leveraging the value inherent in its intellectual property portfolio,” stated David Pridham, DHG’s chairman and CEO. “Kimberly-Clark is clearly focused on maximizing the revenue from their patented innovations while simultaneously creating greater shareholder value and we are uniquely capable of working with them to ensure that they reach that goal.”

About Dominion Harbor Group, LLC:
Dominion Harbor Group (DHG) is one of the most respected integrated patent advisory and optimization firms in the U.S., with decades of experience among its seasoned team of licensing, legal, technical, engineering and financial professionals. The firm manages, helps protect, and leverages intellectual property portfolios, maximizing their value and helping owners and investors achieve appropriate returns from their investment in innovation. DHG’s partner is the Monument IP Bank, the world’s first “IP Bank” for startups.

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