DHE Will License Venti Group’s Patented Designs to Manufacturers in the Smartphone, Automotive, “Smart Office”, Wireless Network and Internet of Things (IoT) Sectors.

Dallas, TX, July 10, 2017 — Dominion Harbor Enterprises (DHE), a premier patent transaction and advisory firm with close to Dominion Harbor$1 billion in licensing revenues, announced today that it has been selected by Venti Group to license its cutting-edge Wireless technology and intellectual property (IP) to manufacturers in the mobile telephony, automotive, “smart office” construction, Wireless network and Internet of Things (IoT) industries. Dominion Harbor will also help Venti Group strengthen its patent portfolio through internal innovation, as well as the acquisition of high-quality, third party IP via DHE’s Monument Bank of Intellectual Property.

Venti Group’s Wireless antenna designs and manufacturing techniques utilizing its patented IP have resulted in a number of critical technical breakthroughs in Wireless applications across Wireless Industry Sectors. One example is the VIVA™ WiGig Chip Antenna from Venti Group supporting 802.11ad and 60GHz markets expected to reach USD 7.42 billion by 2024, as well as the 5G Market expected to reach USD 240 billion by 2025. Another example is the ULTRA platform of semi-transparent and flexible antennas from Venti Group for use both by automakers in tomorrow’s “connected cars” as well as by product makers in the booming Internet of Things (IoT) sector, which expects to see 38 billion consumer devices connected wirelessly by 2020.

“We are honored that a world-class innovator like Venti Group has chosen Dominion Harbor to help it license and strengthen its Wireless intellectual property,” said David Pridham, DHE’s chairman and CEO. “Given their reputation for design leadership in Wireless, we anticipate a great deal of interest in their patented technology from manufacturers across all Wireless Industry Sectors.”

Venti Group’s CEO Henry “Hank” Adamany noted, “Dominion Harbor is one of the top patent transaction, licensing, and advisory firms in the world today. We look forward to their expertise in helping Venti Group maximize our return on investment in R&D.”

About Dominion Harbor Group, LLC:

Dominion Harbor Enterprises (DHE) is one of the world’s premier intellectual property transaction and advisory firms, with close to $1 billion in revenues generated for clients. It provides its clients with unmatched transactional expertise, a full spectrum of IP transaction and advisory services, and unrivaled access to highly targeted and credentialed licensees. DHE maintains its industry leadership with its IPedia patent intelligence solution and IPWire.com – The Patent Expert’s Resource.

For more information, please contact: Monica Gutierrez at 214-624-1164 or email monica@dominionharbor.com.

About Venti Group, LLC:

Venti Group is a Manufacturer and Licensor of Wireless Technologies for the Smart World, providing a broad portfolio of patented product and licensing solutions designed to improve the performance of smart devices, structures and networks. Applications include Smart Phones, Smart Automobiles, Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, Smart Devices and Smart Networks. Venti Group has patent families in antenna technology, targeted RF suppression devices and manufacturing technologies to minimize PIM (passive intermodulation) in all network wireless devices over the useful life of the device.   Venti Group is committed to bringing our technologies to the Wireless world to enhance all communications with greater coverage and faster and more reliable data. Venti Solutions Address The Future … Today!

For more information about Venti Group, visit www.ventigroup.com, call 949.264.3185 or email us at info@ventigroup.com.