Tangelo, LLC , an Atlanta, GA -based developer of advanced interactive image products, has retained Dominion Harbor Group (DHG) as the exclusive licensing agent for its family of patented innovations that enable online media companies and retailers to embed informational links in pictures so that readers and customers can learn more about the people, places, and products shown in those images.

Tangelo’s patented technology is already used by publishers such as Hearst, Time Inc, Meredith, and Conde Nast to drive sales and connect readers more closely to their interests and hobbies. The company selected Dominion Harbor because of its unrivaled licensing expertise and its reputation for ethical business practices in working with customers and licensees.

“The team at Dominion Harbor Group has the skills, industry relationships, and decades of experience needed to expand the reach of our products in online media and commerce,” explained Todd Mannik, CEO of Tangelo Images. “But just as important, they have a sterling reputation and track record among the companies we’d like to see adopt our technology.”

For his part, Dominion Harbor CEO David Pridham had this to say: “We see a great opportunity here to broaden the use of Tangelo’s advanced image technology by online media and retailing companies. We’re honored that they chose us as their exclusive licensing agent.”

The Tangelo Images-DHG partnership reflects a growing trend among operating companies to outsource patent licensing tasks to third-party firms with the specialized skills needed to do the job effectively. As Inside Counsel, a magazine for corporate lawyers reported, “Companies are good at making and selling products, but patent licenses are very different. Very few have developed the core competencies needed to be successful in [that] business.”

In addition to a licensor’s actual track record of success, its reputation was the key factor in a product company’s selection of which licensor to partner with. As Intellectual Asset Management magazine, the leading journal for corporate IP professionals, reported last year, a licensor’s ability to “differentiate [itself] from the stigma of patent trolls — not just in words but in actual deeds — was critical to [its] ability to develop partnerships with product companies.”

About Tangelo Images:
Tangelo, LLC develops interactive images (called Tangelo Tags) with embedded informational links that enable online viewers and shoppers to learn more about the people, places, and products shown in those images. The company’s patented technology is used by online retailers and media companies to drive sales and connect readers more closely to their interests and hobbies and to the products they want.

About Dominion Harbor Group, LLC:
Dominion Harbor Group (DHG) is one of the most respected and experienced patent licensing and advisory firms in the U.S., with decades of experience among its seasoned team of licensing, legal, technical, engineering and financial professionals. The firm manages, helps protect, and leverages intellectual property portfolios, maximizing their value and helping owners and investors achieve appropriate returns from their patented innovations.