BELLEVUE, Wash., November 14, 2016 – Today, Intellectual Ventures (IV) announced the sale of fundamental networking and wireless assets to a

n affiliate of Dominion Harbor Group, an integrated patent advisory and monetization firm. Their purchase of this portfolio will enable access to an essential collection of intellectual property in the space.

“IV’s buying, licensing and selling best of breed patents supports and reinforces a strong invention ecosystem, something we’ve always strongly believed in,” said Cory Van Arsdale, senior vice president of global licensing at IV. “We’re quite purposeful in our curation of patents within a given space, we’re thoughtful about keeping complimentary technologies together and it’s always our intention to make sure access is widely available. This includes offering smaller portfolios to the market through sales like this to Dominion Harbor.”

“Our partner companies and licensee network needs quality patents to strengthen their position in rapidly changing markets,” said David Pridham, chairman and CEO of Dominion Harbor. “This agreement with IV expands our intellectual property portfolios in the networking and wireless space, and continues our plans to maintain strong partnerships throughout the US, Europe and Asia.”

Intellectual Ventures’ high-quality, diverse and leading patent portfolio offers a unique value for companies like Dominion Harbor Group to buy and license intellectual property.


About Intellectual Ventures

Intellectual Ventures (IV) is a global inventions company that buys, licenses and sells patents, providing the world’s most innovative companies with access to intellectual property and invention-related services, while creating a wide range of technology-focused partnerships and new companies. IV’s mission is to create a thriving and protected innovation ecosystem worldwide.

About Dominion Harbor Group, LLC:

Dominion Harbor Group (DHG) is a respected patent advisory and monetization firm with decades of experience among its seasoned team of licensing, legal, technical, and financial professionals. The firm manages, protects, and leverages intellectual property portfolios, maximizing their value and helping owners and investors achieve appropriate returns from their innovation investments.

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