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Dominion Harbor Enterprises (DHE) today announced the re-launch of to provide intellectual property professionals with actionable intelligence on important IP business, legal, and market developments.

DALLAS, TEXAS (PRWEB) | JANUARY 19, 2017 was originally launched in 2010 by idealAsset, a patent intelligence platform acquired by Dominion Harbor last year. The site provides readers with original analysis and actionable intelligence on critical IP matters in addition to aggregating the most important news on intellectual property transactions and market developments. IP luminaries and market leaders are invited to submit their own commentary and analysis. IPWire will carry no advertising whatsoever.

“For far too long the business side of intellectual property has been opaque and veiled behind a legal velvet-rope, muting the efficacy and efficiency of the marketplace for IP transactions of every kind,” said David Pridham, chairman and CEO of Dominion Harbor Enterprises, “We’ll begin to change that by making the business of IP more transparent, accessible, and most important of all, actionable. In some cases, the source of this intelligence will be Dominion Harbor’s in-house IPedia patent intelligence platform — the same intelligence engine that drives our clients’ decision-making on IP transactions and helps them maximize their ROI on innovation.”

What you can expect from
Transactions: Commercial IP sales, litigation settlements, M&A, investments, cross-licenses and assignments.
IP Legal: Patent legal cases — from the dockets to the bench along with the latest legislative updates and judicial opinions.
Global Patent Offices: Global patent and trademark office activities, policy and practice updates, issues, trends and insights.
Markets: Technology- and IP-related transaction activity that impacts product makers in both developed and emerging markets.
Blogs and Critical Intelligence sections will be introduced later in the first quarter of 2017.

“There is an increasing amount of important IP-related market activity that we intend to capture on IPWire for the benefit of innovators and IP business professionals,” said Tom Hochstatter, Chief Strategy Officer and acting Managing Editor for “We intend to make IPWire their first stop in the morning where they get their IP deal intelligence.”

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About Dominion Harbor Enterprises, LLC:
Dominion Harbor Enterprises (DHE) is one of the world’s premiere intellectual property transaction and advisory firms, with close to $1 billion in revenues generated for clients. It provides clients with unmatched transaction expertise, a full spectrum of IP transaction and advisory services, and unrivaled access to highly targeted and credentialed licensees.

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