Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 07, 2015

In the leading journal of the innovation and intellectual property industry, Intellectual Asset Management magazine, author and industry pundit David Kline singles out the Dominion Harbor Group (DHG) as “the best poster child for the transformation of non-practicing entity (NPE) business models” that reconnect patents to the invention of new products and services again.

At Dominion Harbor, writes Kline, CEO David Pridham has earned a reputation as “the quiet professional who got most of the deals done and knew how to get a fair return for patent owners without alienating half the industry.” Under his leadership, he adds, “DHG branded itself as an ethical licensing and advisory firm” and “focused on generating returns not from [litigation] but rather from patented technologies already commercialized in the market.”

But Kline also praises DHG for “expanding beyond standalone licensing [to launch] the first-ever IP bank for start-ups, seeding promising young firms with third-party intellectual property provided by its partner, the Monument Bank of Intellectual Property.”

As the patent litigation craze slowly comes to an end, Kline cites Dominion Harbor as an example of the ways in which “using patents to promote innovation and buttress a company’s market position will be the breath of life for patent-centric businesses”.

The article is currently available by subscription from IAM, but interested media may contact DHG directly for copies of the article.

About Dominion Harbor Group, LLC:
Dominion Harbor Group(DHG) is one of the most respected and experienced patent licensing and optimization firms in the U.S., with decades of experience among its seasoned team of licensing, legal, technical, engineering and financial professionals. The firm manages, helps protect, and leverages intellectual property portfolios, maximizing their value and helping owners and investors achieve appropriate returns from their investment in innovation. DHG’s partner is the Monument Bank of Intellectual Property, the world’s first “IP Bank” for startups.

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Sallie Laning at 214-414-1164 or email Sallie@dominionharbor.com.