Mr. Fielder is best known for inventing encryption key management technology that is part of the ubiquitous 802.11 Wi-Fi standard used on billions of computers, phones, and other devices around the world today. A veteran inventor and entrepreneur, Mr. Fielder began his career at Texas Instruments, then joined Compaq Computer as employee No. 18 to lead the team of engineers responsible for transforming “luggable” computers into true laptops.

“I’m excited to have this opportunity to be an ‘inventor’s advocate’. I know firsthand the difficulties an independent inventor faces, especially one without the resources of the large, well-heeled companies with whom they are attempting to negotiate, to see the value of their patented innovations realized,” said Mr. Fielder. “My job is to vet all the patents submitted to MPH and ensure that we’re giving selected inventors the opportunity they deserve — and that the highest quality patented innovations with real promise are presented to the market with MPH’s imprimatur.”

Added David Pridham, CEO of the patent advisory and optimization firm Dominion Harbor Group: “I’ve known Guy Fielder for many years, and to my mind he exemplifies the best in the American tradition of the independent inventor. There’s no better person to lead MPH and serve the interests of inventors by helping them achieve a fair and reasonable return on the patents they’ve earned, by sharing their inventions with the world.”

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