Dominion Harbor Group (DHG) announced today that it has partnered with startup incubator Cedar Ridge Research (CRR) to help CRR’s early-stage ventures optimize the strength and value of their all-important intellectual property assets.

This is the third startup incubator or venture capital funder that Dominion Harbor has partnered with in recent month as it continues to expand its footprint among emerging growth companies. The aim of these partnerships is to provide startup companies with the IP advisory and optimization services usually available only to large enterprises — including the ability to acquire valuable third-party patents through DHG’s proprietary relationship with the Monument Bank of Intellectual Property, the world’s first “IP Bank” for startups.

Recent studies clearly demonstrate that patent optimization, licensing, and acquisition services can make a significant difference to young companies’ prospects for market success. Dominion Harbor Group is considered the leader in providing such patent advisory and optimization services — including IP acquisitions — to startup businesses.

“We are very excited to be working with Cedar Ridge Research, whose structured innovation and incubation model has led to the development of a series of groundbreaking technologies with a variety of exciting applications that together have provided the foundation for a number of young technology companies that have made a difference,” said DHG CEO David Pridham. “We both recognize that startup businesses are responsible for most of the breakthrough innovation and job growth in the U.S., and are committed to helping launch successful new companies that will contribute to the growth of the overall economy.”

“We are very enthusiastic to have formed a business relationship with Dominion Harbor Group. They provide an extraordinary range of services, support and experience we believe will be very complementary to our own, which together represent a complete IP conceptualization to monetization solution”, said CRR CEO and Chief Scientist Larry Fullerton.

About Cedar Ridge Research, LLC:

Cedar Ridge Research (CRR) offers a unique blend of innovation expertise across multidisciplinary technology areas and provides a platform to research, develop, protect, and launch challenging technologies that can make an impact. CRR applies a structured innovation and incubation model designed to fast track intellectual property development, protection, and introduction into the market, shorten the R&D lifecycle and maximize market return that is proven to be cost effective and secure.
For more information, please contact:
Mark Roberts at 256-527-2696 or email