Dominion Harbor CEO David Pridham has been tapped by Forbes to write a monthly “IP at Work” column for their online publication read by 38 million business readers every month. The first-ever column in a mainstream business publication devoted to intellectual property, Mr. Pridham’s “IP at Work” column will offer practical advice on how to use intellectual property (IP) in the daily operations of the enterprise to enhance both short-term and long-term corporate performance.

Experts say that intellectual assets comprise roughly 80% of the market value of public companies today. So each month, Mr. Pridham will show business leaders how to use IP to hedge their risk in product development, increase market share and margins, defend that market share from rivals, cement joint ventures and strategic partnerships, drive more effective M&A strategy, lower the cost of capital, secure financing on more favorable terms, and even develop new sources of revenue — all of which lead to greater market success and shareholder return.

His December 7 inaugural column, “Intellectual Property (IP): The Secret Sauce of Great Products,” reveals how the U.S. patent database — the greatest library of technical knowledge in the world — can be used to build more successful products with higher margins at less cost.

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